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Non-Members Sound Journey Experience
1 : 1 or Couples Sound Healing Journey
Closing Circle as one door closes and another opens - as is the way of life in its changing waves - embrace the endings and be open to new beginnings


Sunset Yoga Flow - with Kate
Chair Yoga with Lois Use the support of the Chair - No Yoga Experience Necessary

Janet Kirwin (Australia) & Jo (Himalaya Yoga) - 2023 May
Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana - just had to be done didn't it On the way to Base Camp 2023


Nobody Is Perfect ......     I Am Nobody 

Wolfberg Arch, Cedarberg South Africa 2023

The only way to travel, hang with the local Saddhu's India 2023
Ardha Matseyandrasana in Yin - relaxing the Mind, releasing and melting into the connection of soft tissue within......
Immersed in the moment - This is Yoga!

Restorative Yin Yoga - Healing the Body, Resting the Mind


Fish River Canyon - Fish Pose of Course!
Chair Yoga Great for those starting back into a fitness routine, wanting a quieter practice or working at your own pace and capability.


Fish River Canyon Crescent Moon with Cactus Arms - Olga & Jo having a laugh
Dancing in Boots On Boulders - Natarajasana

Benefits for the Body & Mind

  • Help to Lower blood pressure /  Decreases stress, anxiety and depression

  • Breathwork to increase lung capacity and relax the nervous system

  • Moving muscles, gaining strength and flexibility

  • More mobility for your whole body

  • Stretching connective tissue, lubricating joints
  • Stimulates creative thinking

  • Increases connectivity between left
    and right brain hemispheres

  • Increases self-awareness which 
    can help with addictive behaviour